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Building a Strong Sense of Learning in Kids R' Key Academy

Our goal is to create a place that engages children and brings their future to the present.

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Team Account

Staffs, Parent's, and Student accounts are created so as to create a conducive environment sitaible for learning.

School Bus

(360 degrees) Experience Drivers with great driving skills are at your service. Bringing and taking your children home on time.


IXL is a computerized online system of learning that helps improve the intellect of the pupil thereby engaging them in the amplitude test.


We are well known for our Excellence Learning Growing skills, wherefore we educate our Pupils making the 3 years ahead, our pedigree is there to show for it.

Our services

Ultimate Experience is What we Provide

24/7 we are here to answer all your questions whether for Admission Inquiries, Awareness or Orientation about Kids R' Key Academy.

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Happy Parents

Our School Goals 23/24

The Sky is Our Beginning, Breaking and Record Setting is Our Hobby

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The Right Trianing for the Children
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Kids 'R Key Academy is the number one leading school in Nigeria and African at large with the E-excel, ICT training and qualified instructors thereby enabling our pupils survive any form of Rigour thrown at them from any environment.

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Our School Programs
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Kids 'R Key Academy programs are created so as to improve the learning culture in relation with other extra curricular activities of the children the school programs are as follows:

E-learning, I-excel, music club ballet, pubic speaking, science club and lots more.

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Our Track Records
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We are well known for excellence. we provide a suitable environment that is conducive for children thereby inculcating reading culture and positive response to academy. In competitions like sports, games, spelling quiz and debate etc. internationally and locally we have always come out at the top, providing the best pupils the world has ever seen

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Schools tuition has risen exponentially in the last decade, making it difficult for many students and Pupils to attend school and earn first leaving certificate, Making a school education more affordable has been a priority for Kids 'R Key Academy for a number of years, and in 2019 we increased its efforts by announcing a two-tiered affordability initiative.

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Where Learning Begins

  • Building a strong sense of community in Kids 'R Key Academy Community - Building Approaches 
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Our team

meet the minds shaping Kids R' Key Academy


Ojo Ayodeji Emmanuel

Director of Kids R' Key Academy. A man of great skill and innovation...

Juliana Adah Ojo

The Proprietress of Kids R' Key Academy, Eloquent in Speech an a Walking piece of Art...

Favour Ojone

Head Instructor
Head Instructor of Kids R' Key Academy. A wonderful team leader that lives by examples
obed1 - Copy

Labija Obed Ojodomo

ICT Personnel
ICT Coordinator of Kids R' Key Academy. Highly Resilient, Great working attitude and delivers under pressure...
Amarachi - Copy

Ibewuike Amarachi

Highly Inquisitive and passionate on the Job. Instructor and Classroom Teacher

Amdagas Aisha Aliyu

Calm, Industrious, and resourceful. Classroom Teacher and Instructor

Joshua Ayi

Jovial, Smart, and Intelligent. Classroom Teacher
Grace - Copy

Ganyilo Grace

Quiet, Calm, and knowledgeable. An Instructor and a Classroom teacher

Our Strength

Why Choose Us

1. Internationally Certified Teachers.

2. Always  Updating the Learning Curriculum System.

3. Promoting Positive Child Development.

4. Accredited "A" Since 2015.

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Learning and Fun

We have been educating children for over seven years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

Friendly Environment

We provide a comfortable environment that promotes learning, and children also have the opportunity to have lots of fun.

Healthy Meal

We offer Balance Diet to our pupils with fully garnished and healthy meals all served in varieties.

Qualified Teachers

Our staff is trained and qualified to help the children (pupils) become the best in their educational aspirations.

Children Safety

We are Highly security conscious, well kitted and trained security personnel to man the gate and safe guard the premises 

Safe Pickup and Drops

You have no cause to worry is distance the problem we got you covered with our professional drivers your kids will reach home safe and on time


Upcoming Events

The emphasis is therefore shifting to teaching the skills of learning: To pick up new knowledge quickly and in as agile a way as possible.

25 Jan

International Day Of Education

08:00 AM - 04:30 PM
At Kids 'R Key Academy

International Day Of Education is a day set aside to acknowledge the importance of Education to the world...

6 Feb

Inter House Sport Rehearsals

08:00 AM - 04:00 PM
At Kids 'R Key Academy

Rehearsals for the Inter house competition will kick start, all pupils are expected to come with there sporting kits...

14 Feb

Valentine's Day

08:00 AM - 04:00 PM
At Kids 'R Key Academy

Valentine day is a day of sharing love. we encourage our pupils to share this love with the world...


We Are The Leader in Education

I have witnessed tremendous changes in most of Kids R' Key pupils and staff alike the learning environment, teaching aid, and school facility are great with 24/7 internet connection to boost the work.

Labija Obed

Am happy to be a pupil of Kids R' Key Academy I have made a lot of good friends that love me, also my reading and spelling skills have improved so much all thanks to kids R' Key Academy and my wonderful teachers.

Segun Ojo

Grade 3
Kids R' Key Academy is indeed a wonderful school to invest in and also a wonderful school to enroll your children. i have a first hand experience doing business with them. They are consistent, efficient and industrous, am happy.

Andrew Charles



Core Values


Love & Care




Hard work






Kids ‘R Key: A diverse learning community committed to providing qualitative and comprehensive social, cognitive and physical development programs targeted at children, families, and educators exemplifying best practices of early childhood education and promoting collaborations with a goal to helping children realize their full potential.

Our vision is to create a warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere where children, families and educators feel inspired to work together in genuine partnership to deliver quality early child education