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Our Curriculum

Integrated Curriculum

The Integration acknowledges and builds on the relationships which exist among all things. Our integrated curriculum implies learning that is synthesized across traditional subject areas and learning experiences designed to be mutually reinforcing. This approach develops the child’s ability to transfer learning to other settings. The curriculums integrated are British, America, Montessori, and Nigeria. Integrating the curriculum is also reflective of developmentally appropriate practice. The curriculum is integrated so children’s learning occurs primarily through projects, themes, or topics that reflect children’s interests and suggestions. Projects and themes are valuable instructional tools for accommodating all learners in the classroom. Skills are taught as needed to accomplish projects.

Our Daycare is topnotch


Our daycare services are great we engage the children in so many activities that prepare them for the Pre-Kindergarten class. which are: Psychomotor, affective domain, introduction activities, making use of arms, fingertips, and speech development with eye-to-hand contact thereby preparing them for proper learning.  

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Grade One to Grade Four

Below are the subjects offered by Grade classes in our institution. With our qualified teachers, we were able to maintain and improve our teaching, so as to forester learning.


Core Values


Love & Care




Hard work






Kids ‘R Key: A diverse learning community committed to providing qualitative and comprehensive social, cognitive and physical development programs targeted at children, families, and educators exemplifying best practices of early childhood education and promoting collaborations with a goal to helping children realize their full potential.

Our vision is to create a warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere where children, families and educators feel inspired to work together in genuine partnership to deliver quality early child education